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On this day in 1933, a dirigible crashes in New Jersey, killing 73 people in one of the first air disasters in history. The Akron was the largest airship built in the United States when it took its first flight in August 1931. In its short life of less than...

In 1941 and 1942, Alan Lomax and John Work recorded Mr. Waters in Mississippi for the Library of Congress. Hearing himself on records encouraged Mr. Waters to try to make commercial recordings, and in 1943 he moved to Chicago. The following year he acquired an electric guitar, and by 1948 his band, with Jimmy Rogers on second guitar, Little Walter on harmonica, and Baby Face Leroy on guitar and drums, was the most popular blues combo working on Chicago's black South Side. He recorded for Columbia records and for Aristocrat in 1948, and his recording career took off after Aristocrat, owned by Leonard and Phil Chess, became Chess Records, with Muddy Waters as its leading blues artist.

The RT/BT requests seek to muddy the waters, to confuse, to delegitimize and devalue decades of well-established science. These efforts to sow doubt are dangerous, and should be called out by all citizens—not just by climate scientists. We all lose if we cannot discriminate between objective reality and declared reality. 

Muddy Waters peels back the layers, often built up by seemingly respected but sycophantic law firms, auditors, and venal managements.

 · An interview with the legendary American blues musician Muddy Waters . Considered one of the foremost artists in blues history. Muddy …

Since his death, Waters's contribution to the music world has continued to gain recognition. In 1987, Waters was posthumously inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Five years later, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences awarded the musician a Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award. Additionally, some of the most recognizable names in music have named Muddy Waters as their single-greatest influence, including Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck and Johnny Winter.

I am no stranger to the slash and burn aspect of American politics today. I recognize that because of my long reputation and experience as a partisan warrior [2], I am a suitable scapegoat for those who would seek to persuade the public that there were wicked, international transgressions in the 2016 presidential election. I have a long history in this business: I strategize, I proselytize, I consult, I electioneer, I write, I advocate, and I prognosticate. I’m a New York Times bestselling author, I have a syndicated radio show and a weekly column, and I report for at 5 o’clock eastern every day.

Muddy Waters - One More Mile - Chess Collectibles Volume 1Muddy Waters - One More Mile - Chess Collectibles Volume 1Muddy Waters - One More Mile - Chess Collectibles Volume 1Muddy Waters - One More Mile - Chess Collectibles Volume 1